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Some time ago I told you about the general parts of Moldovan national cuisine. Today you will learn more about some of his specialties as well as some interesting facts about his history.

Perhaps the most famous Moldovan dish is minced beef, known in Moldova and Romania as sarmale, but this is only the version bought. Traditional festive dishes include stuffed cabbage rolls, stuffed potatoes and a variety of other well-known Romanian dishes. Mamaliga, if that's a funny word, is a traditional farmer's dish in mold Romania and is now one of the most popular dishes in Romania and also in the United States. There are also traditional dishes for Christmas, New Year, Easter, Christmas and other holidays.

If you want to try Moldova for yourself, there are many restaurants in the United States, as well as in Romania and other countries. There are many different types of fried fish, such as shrimp, fish and chips and a variety of other seafood dishes.

A prestige tour of Cricova costs $30 more per person than the equivalent meal, but you get a ridiculously rich lunch that gives you an overview of Moldovan cuisine and will taste pretty good. This prominent restaurant of the chain is not very chic, but offers some of the best dishes in Chisinau, as well as a great atmosphere and good service. With good tocana and cocktails, Propaganda Cafe is the perfect place to sample traditional Moldovan food and snacks in a lively atmosphere. It's one of our best restaurants in Chisinau, serving not only good food but also good service - as always!

As regards the specific organoleptic properties of Moldovan wines, it is important to take into account the quality of the wines from the region and their quality in terms of wine quality when planning a trip to Moldova. We strongly encourage you to seriously consider a trip to Moldova, not only to visit the wine region and wineries, but also to taste some great restaurants. If you manage to make it to some of them, you will be done in no time.

You can also read our article about how to find a job in Moldova, have a look below and make your decision. This analysis was carried out in the capital, the largest city in Moldova, and we carried out the analysis in all the capitals and major cities in the Republic of Moldova.

Moldovan food, wine and sights is an article in which you should discover the places that lovers of good food and good wine should visit. Moldova is a small country and most of its sights are easily accessible within a two-hour drive from Chisinau. There are, however, a few things you should know before you visit, although these destinations are not too popular with visitors, it is still a relatively safe country to travel to.

The best way to organize a wine tasting in Moldova is to go with Wine Tours of Moldova and let them put together the perfect route that suits your needs. A tour is one of the easiest ways to visit the region and even taste local dishes in the surrounding villages. It's no problem to go alone, but if you try it, you'll probably find your favorite and no visit to the Mold Show is complete without it. Cover yourself with wine from all over Moldova and taste them all during your visit.

As we said, we have many nightlife options and you will find something for every taste, from national dishes to various restaurants specializing in food from around the world. A trip to Moldova cannot therefore ignore the need to repeat as many local specialties as possible and serve polenta with almost every meal. I believe that you, as a wine lover, will definitely visit Chisinau and enjoy its food and wine specialties to the fullest.

Pelmeni (stuffed dumplings) are popular in the Russian community and are used in Moldova, although it is sometimes said that they are too heavy for foreigners. This version of Moldovan cheese dumplings is served with lots of high quality sour cream. The most common type of sarin found in Moldova is cabbage leaves and peppers, which are stuffed with spiced rice, mixed and then baked in oil for a few hours. The Bessarabians serve traditional mangea (chicken sauce), while the Gagauz prepare shorpa (very seasoned with mutton) and Ukrainians in the eastern regions eat borscht.

The true culture of "tipping - tipping" is bbe real - tipping - in culture, and it is one of the most popular dishes in the country.

Moldova is inexpensive, as far as the European countries are concerned, as one can find excellent accommodation at reasonable prices in Chisinau (200 euros is about 4000 Moldovan leu). So if you have a budget, you are coming to a country where you could probably afford to have a good time and behave. Whether we are talking about money for living, clothing or food depends on how much you have and whether you live in a poor country (which it is) or are used to spending money. Moldova cannot afford many fertilisers because most local products are completely organic and have the taste to prove it, but it is not the poorest country.

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