Popsicle Double Pops May Be Coming Back, Thanks to Justin Bieber

Published 07-16-2019

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On May 21, "I Don't Care" singer Justin Bieber had a revelation, which he promptly shared in a now-viral tweet: "Talking with @scooterbraun and we just realized we can't find double stick popsicles!! This is crazy. @Popsicle we need those back!" Exactly eight weeks later, Popsicle has responded to the 25-year-old pop star with some exciting news.

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"Hey @justinbieber - you asked where are the @Popsicle Double Pops? Well, you better belieb we made a special batch just for you and @scooterbraun! They're coming in hot… well, cold actually, because you know… Popsicle!" the brand wrote on Twitter.

Um, OK, very cool - except what about those of us who are not married to Hailey Baldwin? Lo and behold, Popsicle will bring the Double Pop back for us peasants to enjoy so long as 100,000 of us come together and retweet this post:

That's it - 100,000 retweets and the nostalgic icy treat on twin sticks is back in the freezer section of your favorite grocery store. We have from now until July 23 to get it done. Don't disappoint! In the meantime, Popsicle will surprise a select few people on Twitter with a "secret, throwback stash." We have no idea how to enter that lottery, but may the odds be ever in your favor. Until Popsicle Double Pops make their triumphant return (we are banking on this, people), cool off with something sweet from one of America's 13 wildest and weirdest ice cream trucks.

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