Pringles Introduces 2 New Flavors, Bacon and Mac 'n Cheese

Published 07-18-2019

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Pringles is known for creating wacky new flavors, having tried everything from Top Ramen to Thanksgiving dinner. Now, they've rolled out two new varieties: Bacon and Mac 'n Cheese, both of which will be available exclusively at Dollar General. The Daily Meal staff got a chance to try them for ourselves, and we had some opinions.

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The Bacon Pringles were honestly pretty good. They didn't really have any of the meaty taste of bacon, but we figured that was probably a good thing. Instead, they had a salty, smoky, umami-kicked flavor we really enjoyed. One of our editors who eats mostly vegetarian appreciated that there was no actual bacon in the product, which is par for the course with the vast majority of bacon-flavored foods.

The Mac 'n Cheese Pringles were also a hit. They tasted a little cheesy and a little like cooked pasta - leaving us wondering how on earth Pringles made a potato chip taste like pasta. Whatever sorcery they employed, it worked out well. No one hated these. One editor, who actually prefers Kraft Mac and Cheese over homemade, noted that it tasted like the kind of mac and cheese that comes from a box, orange powder and all. The downside to these Pringles was that they left us craving some real mac.

If you want to get your hands on these Pringles, you have to act fast - they'll only be around through August. You can also vote for your favorite of the two by tweeting "Bacon" or "Mac 'n Cheese" along with the hashtag #PringlesEntry to @Pringles and @DollarGeneral. If you do, you'll be entered to win Dollar General gift cards and other Pringles-themed prizes.

Our favorite? Mac 'n Cheese. We're adding a can of those to our list of guilty pleasure foods we won't apologize for loving.

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